Yard Waste Removal
Buffalo, New York

Does looking into your yard mildly disappoint you?

Do you have the space for parties and gatherings, but feel a bit embarrassed because of all the junk in your backyard?

Lastly, don’t have the time or energy to get rid of all of the junk and yard waste in your back or front yard on your own?

This is where Buffalo Junk Removers comes in handy. We can haul away all types of stuff including toys (big and small), green waste, reusable items, hot tubs, and just plain junk. We’ve been serving Rochester and Buffalo neighborhoods for a long time now and we’d be excited to serve you and your property as well.

Keeping yard waste on your property can lower the curb appeal and even get your HOA barking at you if they don’t handle those things for you. 

You have tons of options for getting rid of large amounts of yard waste including renting a dumpster, burning it yourself (if it’s legal) & recycling as much of it as you can each week, or lastly hiring a junk removal company to handle it ALL for you.

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What Types Of Yard Waste?

Yard waste is a broad category and can mean a lot of things like fallen leaves and tree limbs, materials left behind from a recent renovation or home improvement project, large items you don’t want like a grill, hot tub, swing for a kid that’s all grown up, etc and old plants. The list is exhaustive and definitely goes on from there so that’s just a start. 

We offer full service and pickup of yard waste depending on your capabilities. If you live in an area where your garbage collection service doesn’t offer free yard waste removal, we can handle that for you. It’s unfortunate that most trash companies refuse to pick up yard waste as if you have any choice in the matter of its accumulation.

Commercial Yard Waste Removal

Any project that we can handle on the residential side can also be handled for commercial properties. If you own a business, keeping a sterling reputation is of utmost importance. Keeping your property well maintained leaves a good first impression on new clientele and keeps returning customers assured that your business well… Still means business. 

3 Reasons
To Hire Us

At Buffalo Junk Removers, our goal is to keep Erie County homes and businesses clean so we can all show off our beautiful community.

Reasons why you should choose us:

1. With decades of experience, we’ve seen it all when it comes to junk and nothing is too much.
2. Unlike many contractors, we actually answer the phone and always act professionally.
3. We’re not done until you’re satisfied with our work and your space is clean.

Keeping Your Yard Maintained

Between mowing the lawn, trimming your trees, installing sod, maintaining your plants, and then realizing the job is not done and you have a bunch of waste to get rid of can be tiring. Who wants to spend a hot (or cold) day cleaning up waste after already spending the majority of it doing the landscaping work. Maintaining a good yard can be time-consuming.  

Aesthetics aren’t the only reason for maintaining a healthy yard. Leaving excess waste can lead to an accumulation of allergens and pathogens in the air causing airborne sicknesses in the lungs. Nowadays, you’ll want to do everything to ensure the air you’re breathing indoors and out is as clean as possible.

Yard waste also poses a safety risk, especially if you have children. I remember growing up we had a huge backyard in my childhood home. The yard was covered by beautiful tall trees but they left branches all over the yard. When we first moved in, I quickly learned my lesson one day while running across the yard and tripping on some branches.

Think of it this way, you paid for the whole house so you should absolutely get the FULL value of your property for everyone who lives there.

We Do Yard Waste Removal In The Following Areas

Buffalo, Amherst, Cheektowaga, Clarence, Tonawanda, West Seneca, Hamburg, Lancaster, Orchard Park, Aurora, Grand Island, Lackawanna, Elma, Evans, Tonawanda, Alden and any other area in Erie County.

If you would like to inquire if we service your area, please call (716) 317-4440

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